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Two annual studio recitals

Every Winter and Spring, students can perform in our studio recitals. These recitals give the students a chance to showcase their accomplishments for the semester. Friends and family are invited to attend and hear the wonderful music performed by these students.

KMTA Fall Auditions

The Honors Auditions were created to allow any student to participate. Music students of any age level, experience are eligible to participate. Even though the event is a competition, the Honors Auditions are specifically designed to be a positive learning experience for all students who enter them. Students are expected to play 2-3 pieces for a judge who will provide a critique and a score for each student. It’s an exciting learning experience.

Music Progressions

Music Progressions is designed to be a suggested curriculum of independent music study. This curriculum is coupled with an annual evaluation sponsored by KMTA local associations and/or groups of KMTA teachers.

This noncompetitive program consists of ten progressive levels. Each level requires proficiency in performance, music terminology, rhythm and pulse development, sight-playing, scales, written theory, and ear-training. Students may enter any level. The test provides a music event evaluating the progressive growth of ALL students – those studying music as a hobby as well as those aspiring to enter the music world professionally.

Multi-Piano Concert

The Multi-Piano Concert is a unique performance opportunity for students of KCMTA members. The event features 32 performers on 16 grand pianos simultaneously playing duet repertoire under the direction of a conductor. The concerts, which originated in 1993, have grown from 200 participating students to over 550 performers.

Playing for Paws

Playing for Paws is an event created by Jamie Bone to give students an opportunity to use their musical skills to serve the community. We join other local piano studios in Downtown Lawrence to play piano for the citizens walking down Mass street. At the same time, we donate 100% of the students “tips” to the Lawrence Humane Society. This experience is also unique in the fact that a student has a new audience every 5 minutes or so. This gives the student more than one opportunity to perform their repertoire (unlike a typical piano recital).


We’ll also have special performance opportunities every once in a awhile such as our field trip to Bales Organ Recital Hall

Such a beautiful instrument!