Jamie’s Piano Studio

Studio Policy

Attendance Policy

Your appointed weekly lesson time is your own financial responsibility and obligation. If you will be absent for a lesson, you are to give me at least 24 hours notice. Tuition is based on a 12-month period and divided into monthly payment installments. The studio runs much like a private school; Tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, not attendance. Makeup lessons will not be given due to missed lessons.


All students are encouraged to practice 30 minutes per day. Advanced students should practice at least one hour per day. Students will receive instruction during lessons on how to spend their practice time. Parents of younger students in particular are encouraged to take an active role in practice time as well as lesson time.


30-minute lessons = $100/month

45-minute lessons = $135/month

1-hour lessons = $160/month

Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. Payment is accepted in the form of a check or cash. All checks must be made out to Jamie Bone.


All students are highly encouraged to practice daily on a real piano. Keyboards create poor finger dexterity, have poor have sound quality, limited pitch range, and lead to wasted practice time. Pre-owned pianos can be found online for very affordable prices. If you need help locating the right instrument for your home and budget, let me know and I can help you.

Termination of lessons

At least one month’s notice must be given before the termination of lessons or one month’s tuition is due.